In the 1950's The Amiconi family opened a small eatery on 359 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, which was previously a barber saloon. This lovely Italian couple decided to introduce their own home cooking style to the locals– who in those days were the “bohemians” of North & West Melbourne and mostly university students and their professors.

The cooking was very basic and very labour intensive as all flavours were created as if they were cooking for their own family members. They always prepared their food with patience and “from the heart.” And it still is

In the early 60's, their son Guy and his wife Paula took over the operation as Guy's parents decided to take their well deserved rest. Guy introduced a new level of interest to Amiconi, attracting many people from professions such as justice and politics. Amiconi in the 60's maintained a quiet profile, yet a steady flow of regulars.

Screen Shot 2012 01 04 At 4.32Michael and his brother Angelo formed a partnership in 1982 to allow Guy and Paula to take there turn in retirement.After Angelo left the restaurant,Michael has kept the ownership till today. Joe joined Michael in 1994, and Vince joined in 2000. Michael, Joe and Vince have worked together for so long, they decided to become partners in 2007 and that partnership remains strong to this day.

Amiconi has become a second home for many regular customers and a surprisingly welcoming place for first timers, who soon after become regulars.

Once you have become accustomed to being fed and cared for at Amiconi's, the place feels like your second home. And generations of families return to share their experiences with their children and friends.

Tradition is history one creates and shares through ones life with great food, friendship, good and bad times in our life journey. Keep Amiconi in your memories, Amiconi will keep yours…