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</p> <p>Authentic Italian Food at Amiconi</p>
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Once upon a time, a family set up a place for people from all walks of life to eat like they were at home. Now 50 years on, the place still remains the same. With the sons and daughters of the past filling chairs, with laughter and cheer and of course, buon appetite.

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Download our menudessert menu, or wine menu, or browse our weekly specials for something new. To excite the palette, we've showcased some of our popular dishes like the Cotoletta di Maiale, Scallops con Prosciutto, Gnocchi Amatriciana and the Cannoli Siciliani.

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Our Location

In the 1960's The Amiconi family opened a small eatery on 359 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, which was previously a barber saloon. This lovely Italian couple decided to introduce their own home cooking style to the locals of Melbourne.